Four Ways You Can Help Make Your Floral Delivery A Success

Posted on: 19 November 2014

If you are thinking about sending flowers to a loved one, sometimes there is a little more leg work on your part that will be needed. There are details needed from you that can ensure the delivery is seamless, on time, and in good condition. Here are four ways you can help out your florist and make your flower delivery a success.

1. Pick the Right Flowers

If you are hoping to send a standard bouquet, make sure the flowers are a good fit for delivery. A florist will go with whatever you choose, but some arrangements are better at withstanding the whole day in a truck and perking back up once at their destination. If you aren't sure what flowers are best, go for popular or best selling bouquets, or ask your florist.  

2. Delivering to an Office

If your girlfriend or mom or sister works in an office and you want to surprise them, make sure you have the address right and it's okay to deliver. Find out the hours of the front office and the exact location where a delivery person will be able to go - you can call the front office or find out from a coworker if needed. Also, make sure your loved one isn't taking the day off! Many times florists will consider delivering to a location a success, but if your loved one isn't there to enjoy it, you didn't do your homework.

3. Delivering to a Home

Conversely, if your mom or favorite aunt lives in a remote area, call the florist to make sure delivery is even possible. Sometimes, florists will take a delivery order, only to then find out they will need someone to come to the shop to pick up. This isn't necessarily a problem, but you should know the details in advance.

4. Holiday and Peak Delivery Times

Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are big business for flower delivery services, and will book up far in advance. Make sure you plan ahead and get your orders in. Sometimes, there can be range of acceptable delivery dates, which can include days after a major flower holiday. Finding out your flowers got to your girlfriend a day or two after Valentine's Day will not be the surprise you intended!

The gift of flowers shouldn't be overshadowed by delivery issues, especially if the errors were on your part. If you have found a reputable flower delivery service, such as Flowers And Plants, you need to do your homework and plan in advance to make sure you can help make your gift a success. Florists can work with you to an extent, but there are details and planning needed by you to help with successful delivery.