3 Tips To Help You Grow Bigger Vegetables In Smaller Spaces With Vertical Gardens

Posted on: 22 July 2016

If you do not have a lot of space for a vegetable garden for your home, you may want to consider a vertical garden. This can be something that you can do yourself with the help of vertical wall planters and containers to give you a patio garden with all the fresh herbs and vegetables you want for the kitchen. Here are some vital tips that will help ensure your first year of vertical gardening is a success:

1. Choosing The Right Containers And Planters For Your Compact Garden Space

There are many different types of containers that you can choose from for your garden space. If you want to plant all the available space, consider using vertical wall planters in addition to some of the other conventional containers. When choosing containers, get a variety of different sizes to accommodate different crops. In addition, you may want to have self-watering containers to prevent soil mediums from going dry when plants get larger.

2. Plants And Varieties Of Veggies That Will Do Well In A Container Garden

There are some varieties of plants that do well in containers and some that are more difficult. You may want to start with the easier varieties, such as bush cucumbers, herbs and lettuces. You can also plant things like melons and pumpkins, but the trick is to plant these veggies in deep containers and in a space where vines can grow. You will also want to give these plants more water or fertilization than you would for a normal vegetable garden.

3. Watering, Reservoirs And Fertilization To Ensure Your Vertical Garden Stays Healthy

Since the space and soil is limited in vertical gardens, good irrigation and fertilization is important. You may want to install a small drip system with a timer and have it give plants water at least twice a day. In addition to watering, fertilization is also important, which you will want to do a lot more frequently than with a normal vegetable garden. You may want to try doing this twice a week or even more for some of the large crops that you may have planted.

With these practices, you will be able to have a beautiful vegetable garden in even the smallest spaces. If you are ready to start your garden, it is not too late. Contact a vender of vertical wall planters to get ready to prepare a winter crop of herbs, cabbages and lettuces. Check out companies like Shades Of Green for more ideas.