Wildflower Seed Packet Gift Ideas For Gardeners

Posted on: 27 October 2016

If a special gardener in your life is celebrating a spring or summer birthday, treat him or her to a gift of wildflower seed packets. If you want to expand on the present, you can design a basket featuring the seed packets along with other related items. 

Seed packet gift baskets also make thoughtful bridal shower, Easter and housewarming presents for friends and family members. You can customize the gift to include the recipient's favorite wildflowers, such as painted trilliums, black-eyed-susans, violets, bluebonnets, passionflowers and sunflowers. If you give the celebrant annual wildflower seed packets, they'll be able to enjoy your present year after year. 

Following are some gift ideas featuring wildflower seed packets:

1. Personalized Seed Packets

Treat the gardener to a set of personalized wildflower seed packets featuring the special message of your choice. There are online companies that will print the messages, such as a bride and groom's last name and wedding date, a baby's name and birth date, or small quotes and poems onto the packets.

Personalized seed packets also make charming wedding guests favors and can be used to mark the table place settings at the reception. 

2. Gardening Gift Basket 

Surprise a novice gardener with a basket filled with things he or she needs to start a summer garden. Include basic gardening tools such as a hand shovel, a trowel, snips, gloves and knee pads, along with a variety of wildflower seed packets.

If the gift is for a longtime gardener, include more specialty items such as garden decorations, wind chimes and bird feeders, along with the seed packets.

3. Fresh Flowers 

Another flower-inspired gift idea is a vase filled with a variety of fresh wildflowers, along with seed packets, so that they can enjoy the blooms both now and later. Customize the present by choosing a vase in the recipient's favorite color, or put the wildflowers in a mason jar as a simple, rustic touch. 

4. Artwork or Clothing Items 

You can also round out a flower seed packet-inspired gift by including a t-shirt or piece of artwork printed with the recipient's favored wildflower. You can have the items printed with blooms online, or make them yourself if you're crafty.

Other wildflower-printed present ideas include book bags, decorative dishtowels and even shower curtains. If the gift recipient is also a coffee or tea lover, consider giving him or her a mug featuring with vibrant wildflower designs as well.