You May Be Encouraging Pests in Your Warehouse with These Mistakes

Posted on: 23 November 2016

If your company's warehouse is like many, it is a busy place throughout the day. It's tough to think about anything but the work at hand; that is, until you start to notice an infestation of insects or see evidence of mice or other critters. The following mistakes may be the cause of your pest problems and need to be addressed if you want to have a cleaner warehouse.

Not Using Roll Around Screens

Your warehouse is likely outfitted with one or several large bay doors. These doors allow trucks to make deliveries and are often left open throughout the day. Because these doors are open to the outside environment and are typically left wide open all day long, they make an easy entry for critters and insects.

You might not think that you can operate efficiently if you have to open and close the bay doors all day long, but there might be another solution. You can make use of roll around screens. These screens cover the doorway but can be easily rolled out of the way when needed. That way, the doors can be left open without too much trouble, and the screen can work to block entry to pests.

Not Fixing Bay Doors

The doors themselves might be showing signs of wear and tear, so you need to be vigilant about fixing weather stripping at the bottom of the doors and taking care of other cosmetic and functional problems. Doors that don't close properly, for instance, can allow just enough space for little animals to get into the warehouse at night.

Not Paying Attention to External Plants and Water

Your thoughts might be occupied by what's going on inside your warehouse, but, if you want to avoid pests, it's also smart to think about the bushes and other plants that are near the building. Pests can hide and nest in the area if you aren't careful. You may want to take up stumps, bushes, and other plants that are in the area and replace them with lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, and basil, plants that are known to repel mice, insects, and many other pests.

It's also important to look for standing water on your property. If you know there's a spot that always collects water, it's smart to find a way to drain that area so that mosquitoes and other pests aren't attracted.

With some changes, you'll be better able to protect your warehouse against pests. Consult a pest control business for more help.