Things To Consider When Renovating And Redesigning A Room

Posted on: 15 December 2016

Renovating your home is a great time to think about redecorating and replacing old furniture or changing the style of the furnishing you already have. If the room style is changing dramatically, it might be time to consider modern furnishing or a more contemporary style for the room you are working on. Matching the furnishings to the room style is a great way to bring the whole design together.

Deciding on New Furniture

The time to start shopping for furniture for your new room design is as soon as you decide what you want to do with the room. Take your wallpaper or paint chip samples to the furniture store with you so you can match colors or get a feel for what materials will work with your color or paper choices. Also, consider whether the room will have carpet or throw rugs and what colors will be in those. Drapes, shades, or window treatments are also part of the design so take these into consideration as well. Remember, you're trying to design an entire room, not just add random furniture to the existing one.

Picking a Furniture Style

There are some great places to shop for furniture for your new room. You need to consider the quality level you need, the style of furniture you want, or if you want new or used furniture. If you want contemporary furniture, a good furniture store can help you decide on some pieces that work for your design and help you choose additional pieces to bring the room together.

Designing a Room With Antique Furniture

If it is antiques that you want for your room, you will have to find specialty shops to help source the pieces you want. If you find a dealer that is very knowledgeable, they can help you find period correct furniture to tie all the chairs, tables, and other furniture in the room together. If you don't know anything about antique furniture, you may want to take a friend that does along. Prices can vary greatly and not everyone prices pieces fairly.

Hire A Designer

If you are not comfortable picking out furniture for your room, you might consider hiring an interior designer to help you. Talk to your friends that may have used a designer for recommendations or call a few and discuss the project and ideas with them. You may find ideas that you would not have considered at first. A professional designer will more than likely have some connections to furniture stores, carpet installers, and other professionals that can help install the things you want in the room if you want. 

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