Three Tips For Selling A Home With A Pool

Posted on: 15 December 2016

While you might think a pool would be a selling point for your home, there are many buyers who may actually be turned off by the presence of a pool because they know it involves a lot of maintenance and also raises the price of a home. If you've been trying to sell your home with a pool to no avail, these tips can help you find the right buyer.

Make sure the pool is in excellent condition.

A pool with peeling paint, a filter system that really needs maintenance, or stairs that are falling apart is far more of a turnoff to buyers than one that's been nicely maintained. If you want to sell your home, you're better off putting a little work into the pool rather than leaving this for the new homeowners to deal with. Someone who does not particularly want a pool may be swayed to buy a property with a nice, well-maintained pool, while they'd run quickly in the other direction from one that looks like it may be a burden.

Include more information about the pool in your listings.

Some home buyers are not even going to come see your home if they see in your listing that it has a pool. But if you tell them a bit more about the pool and they don't mind what they see, they may decide the home is worth a visit after all.  Make sure you include your pool's age, size, any special features it contains, and whether it offers any safety measures, such as a fence or railing.

Improve the pool area.

A backyard with a pool sitting in the middle of it is far less enticing than a yard with lush trees and shrubbery, patio pavers, and a grilling area surrounding the pool. You want potential buyers to feel that in buying your home, they'll be stepping into their own private resort. Having a landscaping company come upgrade the landscaping around your pool may be necessary in order to sell your home. At the very least, make sure the pool area is well trimmed, and plant some annual flowers for a pop of color.

For more advice on selling a home with a pool, speak with a knowledgeable real estate agent in your area. He or she can let you know what has worked for other local sellers in the past and also offer guidance specific to your situation.