Useful Design Ideas for Adding a Bay Window

Posted on: 16 December 2016

So you're about to undertake a remodel, and perhaps it includes replacement windows. If you have a room that needs a little extra space, perhaps you're even considering a bay window bump-out. If this is in your plans, consider choosing double-hung or picture windows with a low-E rating and a reflective shield. Double-hung windows allow you to open the windows while bay windows feature more glass. Since you'll be near the windows, an insular low-E rating ensures you'll be cozy while reflective coatings shield you from glare. From there, simply choose a task area to create in your bay-window bump-out.

Breakfast Nook

One of the most popular uses for a bay window is as a breakfast nook. As Home and Garden TV points out, this is because having a breakfast nook with bay windows makes your kitchen space feel larger and airier. What's more, a breakfast nook offers a cozy space for casual dining. For the shape, the classic angled bay is attractive. If you also want more storage, consider building in a banquet seat. You can customize the interior wall for storage.

Window Seat

Speaking of banquet seating, another popular use for bay windows is for a window seat. A simple style for a window seat is a banquet seat topped with cushions. However, you could have drawers built into the banquet seat for storage, especially if you don't want to disturb the cushions. Window seats are common in family rooms and bedrooms. Indeed, you could omit the banquet seat and add a day bed instead.

Home Office

One of the more creative uses for a bay window bump-out is the use of the space as a home office. For this project, choose shorter windows. From there, you could slip a desk into the bump out. Otherwise, consider having the office custom-built. You could have contractors build a desk with drawers to fit the bay window perfectly. Such a construction is charming as a bedroom extension.

Soaking Center

A bay-window bump-out can also be useful in the bathroom. As with the kitchen, such a bay window makes the space feel much larger than the actual square footage. With this bump out, consider transforming it into a soaking center. Place a freestanding tub in the space. Here you may want larger windows to take in the view. However, you may want to consider a reflective coating or decorative film for privacy.

Choose a room with a beautiful view and add a bay window to create useful space. Go to sites such as this site for more ideas or to look at windows.