Extending The Outdoor Season

Posted on: 20 December 2016

When the fall chill arrives, many people who loved their patio all summer pack their outdoor furniture in the garage, cover the grill, and vow to stay inside until summer returns. The outdoor living area of the house doesn't have to be for one season, however. Read on for some tips on how to extend the length of time you can use your yard. 

Keep it Lit

One of the things that drives people indoors is the lack of light as sunset arrives earlier and earlier as the world slides into winter. Combat the lack of light with a string of cheerful twinkle lights or a few lanterns hung from the trees. Firelight is always a welcoming -- and warming -- source of light in the great outdoors. Try placing a few tiki torches in the yard or put tea lights in mason jars and place them in multiple places throughout the yard. The benefit to using mason jars is that when you're done using the candles for the night, you can close them and protect the candles from the rain. A fire pit is another wonderful way to add light to a darkening yard. Place a freestanding fire pit in the yard a safe distance from the house, or build a more permanent one out of stone. To extend the season of an outdoor dining area, consider purchasing a fire pit table. Fire pit tables have a fire pit in the center with plenty of room for dining around the perimeter.

Warm Cold Toes

A chilly concrete patio area is certainly less than inviting. To keep bare feet returning to the yard as temperatures drop, consider placing an indoor/outdoor rug over the cold concrete patio. Your toes will thank you for it. To add a bit of luxury to an outdoor living space, keep a weatherproof box near the sitting area that's full of warm socks and cozy slippers.

Warm the Body

A fire pit or a fire pit table are wonderful ways to add some warmth to an outdoor living space, but outdoor heaters are another efficient heating option. Patio heaters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Tabletop heaters are available, as are free-standing ones or heaters that can hang from a patio overhang. To further ward off an evening chill, place a basket full of warm blankets near the door to the outdoor living space or stash a few in your weatherproof sock box.

By keeping your outdoor living space well-lit and warm, you'll be able to enjoy the great outdoors deeper into the fall and earlier in the spring than you ever imagined. For more information about fire pits and fire pit tables, talk with installation professionals, such as those at David Cooke Industries.