Repairs To Wood Fencing To Ensure That It Lasts For Generations

Posted on: 20 December 2016

Wood fences can be an attractive addition around your home, but they are also a natural material that requires maintenance and upkeep. Part of the maintenance can include doing repairs, which will ensure your fencing lasts for generations and always looks like new. Here are some of the repairs that your wood fencing is probably going to need throughout the years:

1. Dealing with Discoloration and Fungus That Can Lead to Rot

Discoloration of wood fencing is caused by many different elements, such as exposure to sunlight, dirt getting on the wood, and fungus growing. The solution to this problem is simple; you will just need to clean the fencing, which can be done with a pressure washer. In addition to pressure washing the fence, you may want to use an antifungal cleaner on the wood as well as apply a protective sealant after you have finished cleaning it.

2. Replacing the Rotten Post or Picket to Avoid Further Damage

The posts, pickets, and other wood components of your fence can quickly rot. When this happens, you will want to replace these materials. The posts of fencing are often the first wood component to rot because they are often buried or in contact with the ground. To prevent this problem, there are post brackets that can sit on a concrete footing and keep the wood out of contact with the ground. Using a ground cover at the base of fencing can also help to protect against this problem.

3. Repairing Sagging Gates and Loose Boards That Are Unsightly

Sagging gates are another issue common with wood fencing. The sagging can be solved by using a tensioning cable or rod with a bolt that allows to adjust the gate if it begins to sage. In addition, the boards of wood fencing can work loose from nails. Replace damaged boards and use screws to secure any boards that are beginning to work loose. When you put new screws in the boards, make sure they are a slightly wider diameter than the fasteners that were originally used.

Over the years, your wood fencing is going to need repairs to ensure that it lasts for generations. Contact a fencing service to help you with these repairs and other maintenance to ensure your fence lasts for years. These common repairs do not require much effort to fix and can ensure your fencing lasts a lot longer without needing to be replaced.