Some Clever Treatments For Old Or Tired Picture Frames

Posted on: 30 December 2016

If you want to give some older picture frames a fresh look, try changing them up a bit with some simple materials that you likely have in your home or garage. Try these tips to give your older frames a new life, or to freshen up a photo frame to give as a thoughtful gift.

Some ways to change and enhance your picture frames are:

- Decoupage. Decoupage is an excellent way to alter and enhance old picture frames, while maintaining their utility and purpose. Remove the glass from your frames and give them a fresh look with the following tips:

- Find and tear up pieces of paper, magazines, wrapping, or tissue to use on the frames.

  • Prepare your decoupage solution. This is basically a type of glue that is found in crafting stores and typically is applied with a sponge or a brush.
  • Saturate your paper in the decoupage solution; use your applicator to wipe away excess glue.
  • Allow each layer to fully-dry before moving on to the next layer, or before re-hanging the frame.

A universal color. Gather up any of your old or tired frames and paint them all the same color, such as matte black, and hang an assortment of sizes and shapes on the same wall.Distinctive colors. Instead of going with the same color, try giving similar frames each a distinctive coat of paint. Use vibrant, bold colors that you might otherwise not to create a captivating focal point on any wall in your home.

- Decorative tacks. If your frames are made from wood, consider giving them a unique finish with decorative nail-heads or tacks. These can be found in a wide-range of colors and styles, such as brass or steel, and they are basically a nail with a very short shank that can be secured in the facade of a relatively soft surface. This technique would not work for ceramic, stone, or glass picture frames.

- Embellishments. Consider using your frames as a sort of 'sailor's valentine' type of display. These are usually photos and pictures that are embellished with seeds, shells, and beads, to give the frame a mosaic-like appearance. Use a clear craft glue to set your embellishments securely.

Use these tips to freshen up picture frames that you have in storage, or that are hanging on your walls right now. Consider arranging your frames in a cohesive grouping on a wall for a familiar and meaningful focal point that will grab the attention of all who visit your home.