3 Reasons Why Curtains Are Perfect For A Small Child's Room

Posted on: 4 January 2017

This article will discuss 3 reasons why curtains are perfect for a small child's room. 

They Are String-Free

One of the biggest concerns that people have when it comes to blinds is the string that is attached to them. This string can be especially dangerous for children because they can get tangled in it and hurt themselves. They could cut off circulation to different areas of their body, such as fingers, arms, legs, toes, etc. Or they could potentially get the cord wrapped around their necks and strangle themselves. Since these cords are so dangerous, it is best to avoid them entirely, especially in a child's room. A great way to avoid blinds and strings, while at the same time providing privacy for your child's room, is to put up curtains in their room instead. Curtains can be opened and closed just like blinds, and they allow you to add a lot of customization to the room by using different materials and designs for your curtains.

You Can Get Blackout Curtains 

When your child is little, they are going to likely take a great deal of naps in their room. Since these naps are going to take place during the day, it is going to be very light in their room if they don't have the proper window coverings. A great solution to this problem is going to be to purchase some blackout curtains. Blackout curtains are made of an incredibly thick material and are meant to go underneath your regular curtains. This allows them to completely black out the windows, without making your take down your other set of decorative curtains that you have up. The blackout curtains are going to make the room look as if it were nighttime, thus allowing your child to sleep more soundly because they won't have any light shining into their room. 

They Are Easy To Clean 

While blinds are going to need to be dusted, removed from the window, washed by hand, scrubbed using specialized tools, dried with a towel, and then put back up, cleaning your curtains is going to be much more simple for you. All you are going to need to do is slide the curtains off of the pole that they are connected to and put them in the washing machine. Once they have been washed and dried, you can simply hang them back on the pole.

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