3 Big Misconceptions About Decorative Fountains for the Inside of the Home

Posted on: 27 January 2017

There is something so charming and relaxing about the sound of flowing water, and even more enchanting is the visual that a decorative fountain can offer a home environment. Many people will implement some form of small fountain into their landscape, but this is usually as far as the matter goes. The fact is, homeowners rarely get as much from a water fountain as they really could, and most will never consider adding an indoor water fountain at all. If you are considering whether a water fountain would be a good idea inside of your house, it is a good idea to get these common misconceptions out the way first. 

Misconception: Indoor fountains have to have an attached water line.

Fact: With a good fountain, you will never have to be directly connected to a water line inside of the house. Most of these fountains operate by recycling the same water through the pump, so once you have added water the first time, it will stay at the fill level for several days. Of course, you will gradually have to add more water to the fountain over time to maintain its operational water level due to natural evaporation. 

Misconception: Indoor water fountains are hard to maintain. 

Fact: Decorative water fountains that you have installed inside of your home are a lot easier to take care of than a fountain that is placed outside. Because the inside of your home is mostly free of contaminants and other debris that would normally get into the water, you will rarely have to clean the fountain or change the water at all. Beyond adding a little water here and there to keep the fountain at an adequate water level, you will find your indoor decorative fountain to be very easy to take care of and maintain. 

Misconception: Indoor water fountains create great potential for water damage in your home. 

Fact: It would be highly unlikely for an indoor water fountain to cause you any problems with water damage. Most of these fountains are created with heavy materials that are durable and will not leak. The only reason you would have to worry about water damage is if the fountain itself were to tip over, which is not very plausible with most larger styles. It is a good idea to keep an eye on your fountain, however, just to ensure there are no issues with ongoing leaks or splatters of water.