Are You Giving Your Living Room Furniture A New Look?

Posted on: 29 May 2020

As you look at your living room furniture, do you see that it needs attention? Maybe you already love each piece of furniture that sits in the area. That more than likely means that you don't want to replace any of your furniture with new pieces. Have you already decided what you'll do to give your living room furniture a like-new appearance? If so, you don't need to read another word. However, you might still be looking for ideas. If so, you've come to the right place for help on making your living room furniture look beautiful again.

Decide which items you can refinish yourself and which pieces need professional furniture refinishing.

Refinishing By Professionals - Make an assessment of the items you don't want to refinish yourself.

  • For instance, maybe you have valuable antique furniture and you are very hesitant to try your hand at refinishing it. 
  • Professional refinishers will have the experience to restore the original look the antiques once had.
  • Professionals will also refinish more contemporary furniture pieces.
  • For instance, the woodwork on your sofa and occasional chairs might have taken a beating over the years.
  • Things like scratches, burns and even small dents can be eliminated.
  • You might have leather top tables with gold embossing as part of their design. Special treatment will be given to the leather and to the gold embossing without damaging either one.

Once your living room furniture has been refinished by professionals, you may want to have it reupholstered. Do you want to keep its original theme, or do you want to change it? For instance, maybe the original fabric had something like a bold floral design. You might want to select upholstery fabric with a more serene look. A reupholstery service will probably have sample books with fabric designs that will give your furniture a new look. 

Furniture Refinishing You Can Do Yourself - There might be some pieces that you want to refinish yourself. For instance, maybe you want to add interest to the living room by having some shabby chic pieces. A rocking chair with a shabby chic paint job would probably be a charming addition to the room. Maybe you want to add drama to the living room by painting an end table bright red. That job will more than likely be an easy one for you to accomplish. A hand painted wooden ladder might be a great way to display indoor plants. Again, doing the painting yourself might be fun and simple.