5 Additional Services to Ask Your Window Installers About

Posted on: 16 August 2021

A new window installation can include more than just putting in new glass. There are a few other services to consider when you are considering getting new windows for your home. 

1. Site Preparation

In some cases, preparation is needed before installation can begin. For example, window dressings such as blinds and curtains may need to be removed, or there may be exterior shutters that must be taken down before the new windows can be installed. Verify that your installers will be doing these tasks as these types of site preparation services are not always included in a window installation. If not, you will be responsible for both removal of these items as well as re-installation once the new replacement window work is complete. 

2. Trim Installation

Installation may not necessarily include the installation of the finishing trim around the windows, especially if you are only having new glass put in and have no plans to replace the trim. If the trim must be removed in order to install a window, verify that it will be reinstalled and that all the finishing work will be completed as part of the installation package. Some installers may consider this an included service, while other companies may include trim installation for a small fee. It's important to find out what to expect before choosing your installers. 

3. Window Disposal

The old windows, along with any other accessories that are replaced like trim and sills, must be disposed of after the new windows are put in. Most installers will include the disposal for free, or it will be figured into the installation quote. Even this is the standard practice, it is still a good idea to make sure disposal has been included in your installation quote. Otherwise, you may end up having to handle disposing the old windows on your own.

4. Weather Protection

Ideally, the weather will be sunny and dry during your window installation. Just in case, though, you should ask your installers what to expect in the event of foul weather. Some installers may postpone the service if rain is expected, while others may have protocols in place to protect your home from moisture so that the installation can continue as planned.

5. Insulation Sealing

A new window installation is an excellent time to improve the insulation around the window frames. Some installers include insulation of the new windows as part of the installation for a small fee. If you have been hoping to make the windows even more energy-efficient, then the best time to act is when you are replacing your old windows. 

Contact a residential window installation service if you have any questions or concerns.