4 Multipurpose Furniture Pieces to Buy for a Studio Condo

Posted on: 9 November 2021

Living in a studio condo means sleeping where you do other activities such as cooking and eating. While a studio does not require as much furniture shopping as large condos or single-family homes, you must be more creative and strategic with your purchases. Buy several multipurpose furniture pieces to help you enjoy living in your studio condo.

Clothing Rack

Storing clothes in a closet is a common thing that people do, but a large walk-in closet makes it possible to turn it into a sleeping space. You can add curtains across the doorway for privacy and use other parts of your studio condo for storing your clothes. A clothing rack is worth purchasing because it can give you an incredible amount of storage for all sorts of clothing.

You can find racks with a mirror and storage shelves along the top and on the bottom. The top shelves are perfect for folded clothes, and the bottom shelves work well for shoes. A tall clothing rack allows you to hang pants, parkas, and maxi dresses without making any creases.

Kitchen Cart

Many studios have small kitchens, which means you must get creative with food preparation and cooking. A kitchen cart is an excellent addition because it can provide many functions. You can use the countertop for mixing ingredients and cutting foods. Also, while you are cooking, you can clean the workspace and turn it into a place where you can eat your meals.

Kitchen carts can provide valuable storage underneath the countertop. Prioritize ones with multiple shelves and drawers to help you store as many kitchen-related items as possible.

Sofa Bed

A sofa bed is an ideal furniture piece because it will give you a place to sit and sleep. You can get a standard sofa that turns into a twin or full-sized bed. Another option is buying a chaise sofa that opens into a queen bed and has enough storage for bedding and a mattress pad.

Coffee Table

While a desktop computer likely requires a dedicated desk, you may often use other electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones. A lift-top coffee table is worth getting because the lifted section will provide you with a sizable workspace at a comfortable height.

A studio condo is tough to furnish because you must be picky with your selections. Prioritizing multipurpose pieces like these will provide you with a feature-rich and functional place to live. For more insight, contact local furniture stores.