Maintaining A Glass Shower Door

Posted on: 19 April 2022

If you are interested in or recently had a glass shower door placed inside of your bathroom, you are likely excited about the improvement it will or does provide to your home. Glass requires a bit of maintenance to ensure it looks its best. Here are some steps to take to keep your new door in the best condition.

Keep The Right Tools Handy

To clean a glass shower door, you need a few tools to use each time you conduct a maintenance session. Keep these tools in your bathroom for easy access. These tools include an appropriate glass cleaning solution, a squeegee, and a piece of cloth or a sponge. Some people place the items inside of a waterproof bin and keep the entire container within reach inside of the shower stall. You can then perform a cleaning right after the shower is used if you desire.

Remove Soap Remnants After Each Use

When you have finished showering, spray down the interior of your glass door with a glass cleaning spray. Make sure this solution specifies that it is made specifically for shower doors. This type of cleaning agent can be found in the cleaner section of your local supermarket. After spraying the door, wait a few minutes and then use a squeegee from the top to the bottom of the glass surface to remove soap residue. Use a sponge or a clean piece of cloth to remove excess moisture at the bottom of the glass door.

Deep Clean The Door Each Month

In time, because of the porous nature of glass, regular cleaning sessions will lead to pockets within the surface of the door, although they are unviewable to the naked eye. To slicken the surface of the glass and make it easier to clean, use a mixture of white vinegar and water to spray over the glass surface. Conduct the cleaning session in the same manner as with a glass cleaner. Perform this deeper cleaning once a month for optimal results.

Check The Door For Flaws Regularly

It is important to check over your glass door on a routine basis for any possible flaws that require repair work to be done. Look for cracks, chips, or discoloration of the glass. If you notice any of these flaws, contact your shower door supplier to find out if they offer repair services. If not, they may be able to make recommendations regarding glass specialists in your area.

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