4 Shopping Tips To Furnish A Small Living Room

Posted on: 27 June 2022

After moving into a home with a small living room, you may need to do extensive furniture shopping to furnish the space. A large room gives you a ton of freedom in your purchases because you can buy small, medium, or oversized furniture pieces without consequence. You must be strategic with furniture shopping for a small room to maximize long-term satisfaction.

Slide Under Side Table

An ideal piece for the living room is a slide under side table. Instead of getting two standard side tables that take up considerable space, you can pick up a slide under table or two. Sliding these tables under your sofa keeps them from taking up valuable space. Another advantage is moving them anywhere alongside your sofa as long as you can fit them underneath for support.

When you want to eat a meal while watching a movie or show, you can move the side table in front of you and treat the piece as a temporary dining table.

Coffee Table

While you may find some living rooms going without a coffee table, you will find that this furniture piece can provide a ton of value and functionality.

A multi-layer coffee table allows you to treat the bottom layer as storage for books, magazines, and controllers. The top layer is where you can put food, drinks, and decorations. Ideally, you want the coffee table to mesh with your sofa so that everyone sitting down can use the table. An easy solution is to buy a sofa and then look for a coffee table with appropriate dimensions.

Chaise Sofa

The living room is where you want to provide reliable seating for your household and guests. A standard sofa will likely be the easiest to fit in a small living room. But you can get ample comfort and functionality from a chaise sofa and fit one with a compact design.

The chaise feature makes it easy to lie down and take a nap or relax while watching television. You can also find chaises with storage compartments inside to boost living room storage.

Entertainment Center

While you can get a television stand to take up minimal space, you will find it beneficial to take up as much space along the wall. An entertainment center can provide ample storage and display space above, below, and on the sides of the television. Gaining all this storage and decorative space will help you store the items you need and make the living room attractive.

Use these tips to buy furniture for a small living room. Visit a local furniture store for more information.