4 Methods For Getting Rid Of Ants For Good

Posted on: 31 January 2023

Do you have a problem where ants are running wild in your home, and you are unsure what you can do about them? It will help to know about the following extermination techniques so that you do not have to see those pesky ants again

Ant Bait

It is always worth starting with the simplest solution to the problem, which is to use ant bait that is made with borax. This bait is a gel that can be used in several ways, with the most common one being an ant bait station. You simply cut the opening of the bait station, place it on the floor where ants tend to travel, and then let the bait do its work. 

The goal of using a bait station is to let the ants take the bait because they think it is food. This is due to the sugar that is mixed with a poison that is slow acting. The ants take that bait back to their colony, where other ants feed on it. The poison actually works by dehydrating the ants and can take several days for it to work.

Soap And Vinegar

Another option is to use a simple spray made out of soap and vinegar and apply it in the areas where ants tend to travel. The odors of the soap and vinegar are going to throw the ants off so that they won't be able to smell and find food. This can cause them to leave your home and not come back. Since it is such an easy solution, it is worth trying to see if it is effective.

Diatomaceous Earth

You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth along the paths that ants travel to affect them like a poison. It works much like the ant bait stations by dehydrating the ants but does so by causing damage to their exoskeleton. Some ants even have the diatomaceous earth stick to their bodies, and then they bring it back to the colony. The key to using diatomaceous earth is to keep it dry, so it may not work best when sprinkled outside your home if you live in an area that sees rain. 


If your DIY solutions are not working, then you may want to work with an exterminator. This is because there could be a large infestation that needs to be eliminated and a few bait stations won't do the trick. Reach out to an exterminator for more information about ant control