Solutions For Lawn Sprinkler Over-Spray

Posted on: 30 January 2017

Over-spraying sprinklers are a nuisance that can also cost you money. They get things wet you'd rather keep dry, which can lead to mildewed patio furniture, premature wear of fence paint, or unattractive water stains on bricks and siding. Over-spray also wastes water. The following are a few strategies that can remedy the problem.

Check the water pressure

If most of your sprinklers seem to spray a bit further than necessary, the issue could be with your water pressure. If the problem is consistent, you may be able to remedy it by partially closing the main water valve to the sprinkler system. For inconsistent pressure issues – for example, sometimes the sprinklers spray too far and other times they are fine – then you will need to install a pressure regulator on the main supply line. This will help maintain a steady pressure setting so that there is no over-spray when the water pressure is elevated.

Change your sprinkler heads

Sometimes the issue is only with one or two sprinkler heads. In this case, the simplest remedy is to switch out the sprinkler heads. Begin by measuring the space that you want to cover with the spray, then round it to the nearest 5-foot increment. Also, verify the shape of the space that needs coverage – full circle, quarter circle, half circle, or three-quarter circle. Finally, select a new head that meets the measurement and shape, and then switch out the old one.

Add more sprinklers

Over-spray can also occur because of shortcuts taken to increase coverage after changes have been made to the landscape design. For example, it's not uncommon for an elevated sprinkler head on a post to be installed to spray over a newly planted low hedge to the garden or grass beyond. Unfortunately, this elevated sprinkler is also more likely to hit a wall, fence, or sidewalk beyond the target. Instead of taking this shortcut, install new sprinklers to meet the needs of your new landscape design.

Switch to drip lines

In some cases over-spray may seem inevitable, such as when trying to water garden beds or lawn directly against a fence or wall. Fortunately, you can fix this situation, too. Simply install a drip irrigation line in tricky areas. This style of irrigation delivers water right at soil level instead of spraying it down from above, so over-spray is no longer a concern.

For more help, talk to an irrigation contractor in your area such as Krupske Sprinkler Systems.